About Me

Reverend Joy Collins
I am in my 60’s and have been on a circuitous spiritual journey, sometimes confusing, often delightful. The Divine has been humorous, puzzling, joyful and full of contradictions.

I was raised Roman Catholic and treasure some of the early gifts of that foundation. For many years after I left the Church, I was a believer in simply the power of the rational, yet open mind.

But the Mystery kept poking at me, and being a truth seeker, I expanded my search.

In true interfaith fashion, I find my spiritual home these days at First Unitarian Church of Rochester, Spiritus Christi Independent Catholic Church, and Bodhi Tree Yoga. All are progressive, inclusive, liberal and open to all.

In 2011 I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister, from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. Two years later I was certified as an Interfaith Spiritual Counselor, again by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. I have an abiding belief in the principle of “One God, Many Paths” and see myself as a bridge, a messenger of hope, a fellow-journeyer, and a humble listener.

Other roles and skills I bring to my ministry are as a business consultant (Northcoast Associates) in the areas of leadership, diversity and communications, being certified in Myers-Briggs Personality profiling, and as an avid yoga practitioner and dog walker!

I would be honored to be of service to you.