Touch the peace beneath the surface of our hectic world.

Interfaith Minister based in Rochester, NY.

Spirit, or the Divine, comes in many unexpected and surprising ways.

Are you on a spiritual journey? Wondering about where to find meaning in your life? Searching for more peace and stillness? Perhaps wishing for someone to talk to one-on-one about matters of the Spirit? In person or by Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or phone?Or possibly wanting to learn new meditation techniques or join an online guided meditation group?Welcome. My name is Rev. Joy Collins. Read a bit here about me, and the services I provide. Then feel free to contact me by phone or email.

About Me

I am in my late 60’s and have been on a circuitous spiritual journey, sometimes confusing, often delightful. The Divine has been humorous, puzzling, joyful and full of contradictions.I was raised Roman Catholic and treasure some of the early gifts of that foundation. For many years after I left the Church, I was a believer in simply the power of the rational, yet open mind. But the Mystery kept poking at me, and being a truth seeker, I expanded my search.In true interfaith fashion, I find my spiritual home these days at First Unitarian Church of Rochester, Spiritus Christi Independent Catholic Church, and meditation groups based on Judith Blackstone’s Realization Process. All are progressive, inclusive, liberal, and open-minded.

In 2011, I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister, from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. Two years later I was certified as an Interfaith Spiritual Counselor, again by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. I am also a certified Realization Process Meditation Teacher (2013), having studied extensively with its founder, Judith Blackstone.I have an abiding belief in the principle of “One God, Many Paths” and see myself as a bridge, a messenger of hope, a fellow-journeyer, and a humble listener.I am also a business consultant in leadership and communications skills and am certified in Myers-Briggs Personality Profiling. I have degrees and certifications from Tufts University, RIT, and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.I am an avid yoga and Qigong practitioner, kayaker and dog walker!I would be honored to be of service to you.

“…you too have come into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled with light, and to shine.”

Mary Oliver


It is both an ancient and a modern tradition to sit with another who is on a spiritual journey. Historically called “spiritual direction”, the more contemporary wording reflects my role as companion, not expert. My expertise is in sacred listening and a deep presence to what you bring. This is a heart as well as a head experience.A person might consider spiritual companioning at a time of crisis or loss. People also can come to this process out of a deep, perhaps nagging longing for some greater connection, or shifting questions about the nature of life and death.

Usually clients meet with me once a month, either in person or by Zoom/Skype/FaceTime or phone.
In our Unitarian church we offer a spiritual deepening program, Wellspring, of which I was a founding member. Beyond facilitating in this small group program, I often companion participants one-on-one.
To avoid any confusion, Spiritual Companioning/Counseling is not psychotherapy, for which I am not licensed. Rather I am willing to walk with you on YOUR spiritual path.

Meditation Guidance

“come into the presence of still water…rest in the grace of the world and [be] free.”
– Wendell Berry

Most of us would like a quieter mind or a practical way to touch the peace beneath the surface of our hectic world.I teach a form of meditation that truly helps us be present in our bodies and in our lives. It is our birthright to touch the shimmering sweetness that lies beneath loss, frenzy, obsessive thinking and fear.I teach both one-on-one and also in small online groups. My work is based on the teachings of Judith Blackstone, founder of the Realization Process.These methods are accessible to novices and do not require any religious affiliation or background.

Rites of Passage

There are times in our lives when rituals are both important and healing. Some in our culture are familiar such as weddings, funerals/memorials and baby dedications.Others are less common such as house blessings, pet memorials, decade or retirement thresholds, or seasonal celebrations like the Winter Solstice.I would welcome helping plan and/or officiate at these important times.

"Trust that this inner fountain of benevolence is always available"

Russ Hudson